Txjob4u.com is a local community for individuals seeking career and community support opportunities in the great state of Texas. We work with all local businesses to post new jobs and provide tools, including easy friendly resume build programs and distribution, to increase both parties exposure. Our goal is to give those seeking employment a fast and easy way to search locally and a FREE listing source for employers.


Txjob4u.com delivers a Free listing source for employers big and small. We offer these businesses their new job postings at no cost. Simply log in and fill in the blanks - It's that easy! Reduce your time and cost with great and rewarding results.


Txjob4u.com also offers a FREE and easy way to build your own personal resume. Another user friendly fill in the blanks service! It doesn't stop there, txjob4u.com will also email your professional designed resume to you. This provides you with a hard copy for face to face interviews. It doesn't get more simpler then that and to top it off its all FREE!